Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pope Emeritus Responds to the Antipope Myth (Invented by Journalists)

I cannot believe that Pope Benedict XVI even acknowledged this journalistic speculative fabrication. As far as I can tell there is no significant group of Catholics who are seriously claiming that Pope Benedict is still the reigning Pontiff! This whole non story is from first to last the invention of Andrea Tornielli of La Stampa, "Vatican Insider" section. He is the one who wrote the letter to the Pope Emeritus regarding the "question" that nobody is asking (no one with a significant hearing anyway, except hyperbolic journalists like himself). Referring to the source of the question he simply says that "someone said!"

Too bad the Pope Emeritus responded, thereby giving the first bit of substance to a completely unsubstantiated journalistic claim of Tornielli himself who persists with this nonsense. Please!

I think La Stampa, in light of this, should consider getting rid of it's "Vatican Insider" to minimize this kind of anti-traditional (or, anti-who knows what) slant! It is smearing and a senseless smokescreen nonetheless, detracting attention away from the evangelical importance of both of these huge pontificates and focusing on what does not even exist (gossip often does that).

Pope Benedict should tell Tornielli himself: "basta!" with the senseless speculation and hyperbole! Agan, no story!
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