Monday, February 10, 2014

Save the Children Italia: Widespread Acceptance of Sexual Interaction Between Adults and Adolescent Children

Today's "Corriere della Sera" (Rome) published yesterday's Save the Children report detailing the widespread acceptance in Italy of various types of sexual interaction, sexual liaisons and sexual relations between adults and minors!

Here is just one more reason why the world (at every level of society) needs to be taught by the Church about basic right and wrong and on how to seek the good and reject evil.

Without the commandments of God and clear moral boundaries man loses his bearings! The world approves, promotes and pursues every manner of perversion and at the same time condemns the members of the Church hierarchy who fall prey to their very own perverse ideologies!

"Tolerance" in this (as in any area of criminal or otherwise perverse behavior) protects the abusers and abandons the abused! and, thereby perpetrates the evil.

And, by the way, the adult is usually male! Surprise, surprise. Which fact appears to be roundly ignored by the report. It further confuses the issue when it brings up the attitude of adolescents in this matter. Who is consulting them on this anyway?, that in itself being abuse of minors! And, there too, there would naturally be a marked difference between boys and girls!
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