Monday, February 17, 2014

Spousal Dignity: Reason for Masculine Priesthood

You will notice that in any mixed culture prejudice continues to exist until the men who are racially of the governing class marry (monogamously) the women who are racially of the subservient class. Then, and only then, is it clear that the socially lower race is treated with equal dignity => one family => union in every sense!

In light of this it is logical that God's priesthood is male: because of this social phenomenon of the men of the society determining it's fundamental public structure and establishing who are the players in the governing thereof by whom they choose to give the dignity of marriage into their class. Through the male priesthood God ensures that Mother Church should have the recognition of the establishment people of every society guaranteeing thereby the acknowledgment of Her by men of every society in the Holy Orders of the Catholic Church. Manifestation of the Church's spousal dignity is thereby ensured for all time and for the whole world to see.

Furthermore, the celibate priesthood emphasizes the point and adds to it because it emphasizes that the priest's chosen Spouse (the Church) is the Woman blessed among all women; and the priest's total, undivided dedication to Her thereby implicitly blesses all women. Priestly celibacy is herein, ironically, the elevation of all women, emphasizing their personal worth, higher and deeper than all carnal reality.

This insight came to me while walking the streets of Rome and reflecting on how enthralled people are with the priest donning the saturno (priest hat) and greca (the dress coat which covers the cassock). It's a main attraction here on any street, any time. An instant celebrity. Somewhat tiresome at times, but I think it says something about people's legitimate sensibilities. Nuns and religious in habits don't generally turn as many heads. Certainly it has to do with the oddity. Priests don't wear the saturno anymore. At least it says that people like to see it. One of the advantages of wearing the saturno is that it amplifies the clerical public witness and availability (you can spot it a mile away!). It also shifts the attention off the cassock (playing one off the other tends to cancel out the oddity of both: Roman artistic genius).

Some older priests have told me that before Vatican II the local Roman law required the saturno for priests on the street. Now its almost non-existent. Almost. It is still around, not forced this time, but freely: now, in the spirit of Pope Francis, because the people like it! I proudly wear the saturno to speak of the supernal dignity of my Spouse, holy Mother Church. Because of Her grandeur and worthiness I want to dress and carry myself most eloquently, for my Spouse is none other than the Mother of all Saints: Sancta Mater Ecclesia! I want to show Her off for the world to wonder and glory and fall in love with Her who is to be the Mother of all! Just the other day there were two young ladies, one snapping some shots; so I invited them to pray a "Hail Mary" looking at a lovely image of Our Lady on the North side of Piazza Navona, one of them was Jewish. It all started with the saturno, crowning the male, celibate priesthood!

Gender ideology clearly contradicted here on many levels!
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