Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Traditional Catholics are Stigmatized as Anti-Semitic

Traditional Catholics are easily stigmatized as anti-Semitic because they think outside the box and are bold to ask logical historical questions and are critical of the uncritical acceptance of the popular narratives, even if (or rather, especially if) their questions prove to be politically incorrect. However, if a person should ask what you consider to be crazy questions, why not just show him the facts and thereby prove him wrong. Case closed! There is no reason for name calling.

Labeling people is childish, and actually, very controlling! It is a form of bullying and a serious sin (at least detraction, and often calumny); and it is, furthermore, inconsistent to deem it OK to call Christians anti-Semites while it should be unacceptable to call Jews anti-Christ or anti-Christians.

One of the easiest and most absolute ways to discredit and silence a person today is to label him and/or his organization anti-Semitic, because the implication is virulent. It is equivalent to calling someone a Christ hater: viz. highly offensive, detracting and calumnious. It is hyperbolic language from which we should all refrain in all decency.

Traditional Catholic are easily stigmatized because they do not typically let their minds be controlled by the media, the State, or the intellectual or cultural fashions, though they are susceptible, as is any group, to group prejudices. Though peace loving in every respect, (because they base their lives on the ten commandments) they are more similar to anarchists than to the mainstream, in this sense: that they believe radically in freedom of thought! Yes, Catholicism believes radically in freedom of thought! Christ is the Truth and the truth will set you free. He has said "if you abide in my Word, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." And Saint Paul says "for freedom we were set free."

N.b. The Ball and the Cross by G.K. Chesterton: a colorful account of the affinity between the passionate Papist and the blaspheming journalist who deem religion a matter worth fighting and dying over, as opposed to the blasé establishment which will not let them duel and commits them to psych wards, etc. because religion is not a matter worth fighting about.

Why is it that Descartes can begin from scratch and doubt absolutely everything, and the rest of us have to uncritically accept what we are told, without examining the facts and the numbers? as if we were children without brains. I thought that was one of the sins of the Church, to not let people think for themselves (so we are told).

I will never understand why (nor accept the fact) that certain questions should be forbidden in this day and age, where permissiveness seems to prevail with every manner of perversion and anti-God propaganda. And please, don't call me names!
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