Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vatican Radio (et alia) Latin Broadcast Update

As we informed in a post a few years ago Vatican Radio has a weekly news broadcast in Latin which is accessible through the German language section (and only there!?). Here is the website of the German priest of Aachen (Father Gero Weishaupt) who appears to be in charge of that. Don't know why Vatican Radio does not include a link for that news service clearly on every one of their different language web pages, especially after their recent updating of those pages. Why omit the language of the Church on the official radio station of the Church? All of the Vatican web pages should be fully available in Her language and not just as some archival files! The anti-Romanitas spirit within the Church does not apparently die easy.

I shall E-mail a copy of this post to the young lady at Vatican Radio who graciously gave me a tour there a few months ago. I no longer have the card of the director to whom I was introduced, and they were all very kind and accommodating.

A Finnish news agency, Yle, also continues it's weekly Latin broadcast; you can find the broadcasts here and by scrolling down on the page and clicking on the respective weeks.

Also, RadioBremen, has it's weekly Latin news broadcast. Go to the bottom of the particular news page you choose and click on the listen favicon.

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