Thursday, December 11, 2014

Madonna Enters the Convent

Speaking of the need for us to pray for the conversion of sinners, the Late Father Benedict Groeschel used to say he was praying that Madonna would enter a cloistered convent.

With this video remake of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" Sister Cristina Scuccia realizes an extraordinary fulfillment of that prayer. The nun meets and beats Madonna!

Real virginity is much more attractive than counterfeit, and much harder to come by.

O Stella Maris sucurre cadenti, surgere cui curat populo!
Sweet Mother of the Redeemer, that passage to heaven, gate of the morning, and star of the sea: Assist the fallen, lift up, you who cure, the people: you who bore to the wonderment of nature, your holy Creator. Virgin before and after, who received from Gabriel that joyful greeting, have mercy on us sinners.
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