Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Communism's Inevitable Religious Defeat Prophesied by Jesuit in 1971!

"...[C]ommunist humanism, will never be the wave of future history. It has already been characterized as 'a spent wave of the past.' History will record its death and burial. And the Catholic Church will pray over its corpse. Death is its only future. At its fiftieth anniversary, it was hated by its own people and distrusted by the entire world...

"With its ideology a catastrophic failure, its leadership mediocre, its superstructure rotting and its masses defiant, how long can its naked military might hold this massive concentration camp together? For no man of civilized sensibilities would seriously consider communism's national and international states genuine societies. These 'termite colonies' are even now sick unto death; their disease is terminal. It may take a long or short time, but the death of communism is inevitable. A day will come when the forces of decay and revolt within will coincide with the forces of assault and freedom from without; then communism will crumble, be wiped from reality, to be remembered only, like Nazism, Fascism and Japanese militarism, as a horrible nightmare that plagued the human race for over half a century. At present communism's death warrant is written in the soul of every man who loves God, his fellow man, freedom and his Church. The execution of communism will take place when God in his inscrutable wisdom reveals the proper time and brings together the proper forces. Moreover, because communism is so essentially and intensely anti-Christ, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian and anti-religious, the weapon that will be most efficacious in its execution is the fiery sword of Christ's truth and love as incarnated in His Church."

Vincent P. Miceli, SJ, The Gods of Atheism. Roman Catholic Books: New Rochelle, NY, 1971. pp. 134-135.

This prophesy was fulfilled twenty five years ago by means of Pope Saint John Paul II, the Polish Pope who gave hope to his people in the then Soviet Union: the Vicar of Christ who ushered in the third Christian Millennium for the re-founding of a civilization of love in Christ.

Since the Cuban chapter of the demise of communism is not yet closed, please notice the Image of the Immaculate Conception reigning over the Capital of New Spain in the original coat of arms of Cuba.

In 1516, one year after the foundation of Havana in 1515, a coat of arms was granted to the Island as a result of a request of Don Pánfilo de Narváez to the Royal Council of Castilla. [1] It is as follows:

Arms: Per fess: 1. The Virgin Mary standing on a globe and surrounded by clouds and four seraphim in orle in chief; 2. A rider swinging a spear before a wooded mountain at the sinister, in chief the letters I, F and C.
Crown: A mural crown with five battlements
Order:  The emblem of the Order of the Fleece pending from a ribbon.
Supporters: The yoke and the bundle of arrows of the Most Catholic Kings.
Compartment: Two alligators.
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