Saturday, January 10, 2015

Every Man Must Decide for Himself

"No one becomes an atheist unknowingly or unwillingly.

"Even so-called "born atheists" indoctrinated from childhood onward in the schools of Organized Atheism [e.g. the Public School System] eventually, as adults, must make a decision for or against God.

"For that matter, the same is true of Christians drilled in the fundamentals of their faith as children. After all, how does one teach minors? According to their capacity, of course.

"Thus, early indoctrination in itself is a perfectly valid method for instructing minors in the faith of their fathers. The method is vitiated when employed in indoctrinating children, or adults for that matter, in know falsity or moral evil.

"When, however, minors become intellectual adults, indoctrination should cease. Faith bolstered by reason should be taught and practiced.The science of theology is taught to the intellectually advanced.

"Thus, in the adult the responsibility for belief calls for his ratification of his childhood faith by a decision for God and His revelation."

The Gods of Atheism, Vincent P. Miceli, SJ. Roman Catholic Books: Harrison, New York, 1971. p. xiii.
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