Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good Riddance to One of the Church's Chief In-House Heretics

The self-hating Catholic, theologian Richard McBrien, died today; and the Church on earth is thus relieved of one of Her most shameful prominent intellectual figures of the Bernadine, now mostly bygone, era. Thanks be to God.

It appears he died as he lived: unrepentant and obstinate in his heresy.

Shall we dare hope for the mercy of the Lord upon him? Not sure. I prefer to use in reference to him the words our Blessed Lord coined as the epitaph for Judas, Father McBrien's predecessor-betrayer of the one true Faith: "It were better for that man if he had not been born."(Matt. 26:24) Certainly the Church and the world would have been spared much anguish, confusion, immorality and perversion promoted by the erudite distortion of truth so long tenured by Notre Dame in this very ignoble longtime member of that school's faculty.

Why am I not surprised that Father McBrien is a native of New England, home to such a large proportion of America's elite self-hating Catholics!

Surely he will have a glorious Catholic funeral similar to that of the late notorious self-hating Catholic Ted Kennedy. Will Cardinal O'Malley preside at this scandal too!

In his absence from the earth, the Church will surely, much better, rest in peace!

Hopeful attitudes at Notre Dame.
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