Friday, January 16, 2015

On Sexual Difference

"A mother knows who's the father of her child.

"The man must believe it!

"Which is greater: faith or reason?

"From this point of view you understand the beauty and the greatness of faith...

"From one point of view, the rational point of view, the woman knows and the man believes. From a human point of view it's more beautiful to believe than to know. Because it's an act of trust. Every time you say 'This is my son', you know what you're saying? 'I trust my wife'."  

--Alice von Hildebrand Lecture: "Chesterton and Feminism."

Every time a child says "This is my dad", he says the same thing. He makes an act of faith in human goodness and in feminine chastity and honesty, and specifically in the moral integrity of his own mother. "This is my dad because I trust my mother!"
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