Thursday, January 15, 2015

Robin Williams' Ignominious End

To remember the late Mr. Williams is a scandal.

Suicide! (Murder of self!)

A murderer is no hero; and it is a confused and confusing culture (a culture of death) which idolizes murderers (e.g. suicides, abortionists, euthanizers) and completely ignores the gravity of their crime. It's akin to whitewashing child molestation or incest. Just as Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson (child molesters) cannot be anyone's heroes, so Robin Williams cannot. He died a murderer!

A life which ends in a deliberate self-inflicted violent death is cold blooded murder and should be treated and condemned as such. He hung himself! How horrible! Anyone that really loves him must condemn that action! How can you approve the total self-destruction of someone you love!

God will judge the soul. We must condemn the act, because it is an act condemned by God: thou shalt not kill! May the Lord have mercy on his soul and forgive his sins.

Suicide is murder and murder is always wrong! Thou shalt not kill. That should be said at any remembrance of Robin Williams whose disgraceful death taints his whole life. He is just one more in a very long list of victims offered to the Moloch of modernity.

Having said that, most people do acknowledge that it is a tragic end and wish they could have done something to stop it. But the great error they make is to canonize the murderer without a fair trial. I don't condemn him to Hell. I roundly condemn the act itself, which is gravely sinful (and thus so regretful). The question of whether he did so deliberately is a further question. And, morally, the deliberate actions that led to that end are essential (e.g. drugs taken, lifestyle, etc.). Every man will respond to God for his actions, good or evil.

I am no fan of Howard Stern, but even he recognizes that this death should have not happened and wishes he could have done something to prevent it.

Well, one thing Mr. Stern and all of us can do to prevent suicide is to roundly condemn it and stop whitewashing it and making the suicides (viz. murderers) out to be saints, presuming all of them to be innocent of any guilt in that heinous crime against oneself and against all of humanity and against God!

Or, rather, we should say, it's against oneself and against all of humanity because it is against God! And it's not bad just because God says so. That would be putting things backwards. God says its bad because it is bad.

Not that evil precedes God. God made all things and he made them all good. Evil came to the world by the sin of man; and, from sin, death entered the world. God's commandments to men are simply the magna carta indicating to us what to avoid and what to do in order to avoid the evil and the self-destruction that constantly threaten us, and how to attain fulfillment and perfect peace in His service.

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