Friday, January 16, 2015

The Most Demonic Form of Atheism is That Within the Church

"[The West is mostly silently complicit in the face of the Communist massacre of millions in the Soviet Union and]...the most satanic project of the fifty years of the Revolution is its program to extinguish Christian hope or the hope of any transcendent life hereafter in the hearts of all men. This is an especially demonic program because hope in an after-life is all that is left to men, already condemned to death as all are, a hope that alone can sustain and inspire men to make something worthwhile of the present life...

"Attaining the same end as the Communist project to extinguish Christian hope...[there is a] new crime aris[ing] from the fact that the project to destroy hope is now undertaken and carried through not by professional atheists but by men who, through special training, positions and duties, are supposed to be dedicated Christian leaders. Priests and bishops, whose vocation it is to sustain and foster faith and hope in themselves and among the faithful, have become the advocates for the prostitution of religion to the purposes of atheism. When ordained ministers and consecrated bishops tell the faithful that 'God is dead,' when these teachers of the Gospel declare their inability to accept any longer the Virgin Birth, the Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the Real Presence, the immortality of the soul, hell, heaven, sin, grace, redemption, when, under the guise of re-interpreting Holy Scripture, these teachers repudiate Christianity, then has the spirit of the Anti-Christ become incarnate in men and the most demonic form of atheism is attacking the Mystical Body of Christ. For then a most grotesque drama is being enacted before the eyes of horrified Christendom in that its anointed ones have become atheists and, still vested as angels of light, they 'disown the Lord' in His own house, cause truth to be maligned, introduce destructive sects into the Church, exploit the faithful with specious arguments and lead many to follow their ungodly ways."

On the 1967 fiftieth anniversary of the Communist Revolution in Russia in The God's of Atheism, Vincent P. Miceli, SJ, 1971, pp. 7-8.

That was the setting for the moral depravity of a corrupt age in the Church, which, thanks to the lifelong work of Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI much of this has been corrected and faith in the true faith has been largely regained and is being boldly proclaimed at every level of the Church.

Warning: profanity, but an eloquent indictment of high level corruption in America!
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