Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BLTG is Easier to Remember!

Who decides how the acronym should be written of such a novel designation of the litany of fashionable perversions. Even though I am not convinced of the legitimacy of the terms involved and their presentation of reality, if we have to use those four letters in an acronym the "blt" sequence is mnemonically simpler because more familiar. Would that these shameful designations should remain unfamiliar anyway. I thank God that am so slow to learn what apparently everyone else already is familiar with. As Saint Paul says: "it is shameful even to mention what those men do." By brain-washing repetition the new morality has been changing our thinking categories and our speech. Resist! Don't learn the lingo!

N.B. Christians are not the cause of the suicide of the perverse. The perversion is.
"Christianity makes normative claims. It makes claims about how the world should be and how people ought to act. In short, it calls people to repentance. When the oughts of creation are broken and we stray from God’s plan, Christianity offers a way of salvation: the gospel of Jesus Christ.
"But oughts aren’t unique to Christianity. Even the most ardent secularist acknowledges that there are certain values (such as tolerance) that all people ought to abide by. The oughts of secularism, however, often conflict with the oughts of Christianity. The modern clash in sexual ethics is not surprising, because secularism and Christianity are based on competing conceptions of reality. Secularism teaches that a person’s gender can be disassociated from his or her biology. Christianity rejects this dualism. Christians believe that masculinity and femininity are not just psychologically or socially constructed realities—they’re immutably tied to our biology and chromosomal design.
"In this moment, the secularists and sexual revolutionaries are asking Christians to repent. But we can’t do that—even if it appears that we’re to blame for the suffering of those who experience gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction. The truth is, Christianity is not to blame. The gospel only promises life. It doesn’t promise earthly utopia or tranquility. Obedience often means resisting our desires and longings. Unlike secularism, Christianity does not teach us that all desires are equal and worthy of acceptance."
A quote from The Witherspoon Institute article "Is Christian Teaching on Sexuality Psychologically Harmful?" For parents with LGBT children, Christianity offers an alternative to false dilemmas of affirmation or abandonment. by Andrew T. Walker and Glenn Stanton within Marriage, Religion and the Public Square.
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