Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cardinal Burke's Papal Loyalty

Surely there must be a priest hat for cardinals.
Greca and saturno, please, Your Emminence!

Loyalty to the present Roman Pontiff includes confronting Him when He errs.

Pope Francis has repeatedly and consistently asked for his brother bishops to confront Him when they think He is wrong.

If His Holiness Pope Francis is happy to have dissenters present Him with every form of contrary opinion and error, how much more should He be happy to have loyal cardinals of Holy Mother Church resist Him in His personal error so as not to lead the Bark of Peter away from the Lord.

The present Holy Father makes a fundamental error in His "pastoral" approach.

In the context of openness to everyone, Papa Bergoglio often airs His personal views regarding irregular situations, with vague and ambiguous language, and thereby comes across as a relativist and decidedly anti-clerical. He appears to takes sides with those who hate Jesus Christ and the priesthood and Holy Mother Church and so Himself poses as a self-hating Catholic, which when He speaks on doctrine and morals He apparently is not. A slippery Jesuit!

N.B. Below the video of today's Consistory, the second Consistory with the presence of the "two Popes".

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