Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catholic Scandal on YouTube

I'm enjoying the Christian testimony of this high quality DVD completely uploaded to YouTube. The artist is a Mexican of a family of ten children (undoubtedly a Catholic family)! 11,351,337 views! The scandal is where are the Catholics in this venue? There are thousands of Catholic Spanish-speaking lay preachers and musicians who are doing the same work in the millions of Latino parishes throughout America! Surely the vast majority of those more than 11 million viewers are Hispanic Catholics! Why aren't our Catholic artists competitive here?

Why is it that the most popular Christian singers of the vastly Catholic Spanish-speaking world are non-Catholic? Search "musica cristiana" on YouTube, with the view count filter on; and number one is Jesús Adrián Romero with an album at 28,254,873 views: second is a Marcela Gandara album with 26,376,265 views. Both heretics! Heretics are the chief religious entertainers for our Spanish speaking Catholics! Shame! I sense foul play.

Question: does a search on YouTube for Christian music exclude Catholic artists? That would be the greatest scandal of all. It should not since Catholics are Christians. Everything that this man is saying and singing is completely consonant with Catholic Christian faith.  Google has disproportionate power in it's classification scheme!

The big mystery is why people should leave their Catholic faith in order to worship Christ our Blessed Lord, the Lord of Catholicism! And why Catholics, to nourish their Catholic sentiment should be constrained to go to the heretics! There is something incoherent in all of this! It does not add up!

Either there is some unfair promotion of the heretic (e.g. foreign [gringo] financing] or an unfair censorship of the Catholic. Typically both!
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