Monday, February 2, 2015

Taming Katy Perry

Last night's Super Bowl half-time performer had me upset before the start because the underlying premise was a nod to gaydom, given that Katy Perry's launch into stardom was her scandalous "I kissed a girl today and I liked it" song. The great scandal of that song was that America acquiesced as she has consistently done to the homosexualizing agenda of the past half a century!

Well, the NFL (and perhaps Miss Perry herself) bested the Sodomites in last night's historic performance. Katy Perry was elegant, modest and fun, and above all she had a man (Lenny Kravitz) sing her scandalous song which thereby eliminated the homosexualist agenda therein. "I kissed a girl today and I liked it!" is just fine if sung by a man! Ingenious!

And Katy's last words to end her performance were...

"Thank you."

"God bless America."


P.S. Her gratuitous nostril ring (and otherwise way too many piercings) and discrete/not so discrete tattoos shatter the otherwise all-American innocent girl she often pretends to portray. I must nevertheless congratulate Miss Perry for her otherwise persistent relative modesty in a career which is so sensual and with so much pressure to bare everything!

America and the world will have much more respect and esteem for you if you persevere in virtue, not showing too much! Decorum is a most serious matter, and it goes deep.

Thank you Miss Katy Perry; God bless you!

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