Thursday, February 26, 2015

YouTube's UnWelcome Recommendations

You are not catering to my interests if...

+ You repeatedly recommend types of videos which I never pursue.

+ You do not give me a one click easy permanent opt-out of the genre you recommend.

+ You do not offer an easy way to set up my own preferences (the channels and subscriptions are too involved and invasive!).

You should distinguish between what I seek out and watch thoroughly and what I casually come across because of your marketing and am suckered in and click to see and stop when I am sufficiently disgusted at the banality.

N.B. The fact that I click on a video does not mean I like it!

I have a great many preferences and ideas of which YouTube is still apparently quite clueless.

Why not give the consumer complete control over the types of recommendations he prefers!

Wishing I had more user-friendly input.

Repeatedly offended by the banal and often disgraceful "recommended for you" YouTube feature.
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