Sunday, March 8, 2015

Google Doodle Feminism is Anti-Woman

International Women's Day? Never heard of it. I thought mother's day covered that pretty well. Is there a corresponding International Men's Day?

How can you have a feminist poster excluding exactly that state in life which is totally and exclusively feminine: being wife and mother. Here there is a great omission: no image of motherhood, no celebration of maternity or virginity or spousal love in the celebration of women. Sounds like the celebration of female careerism and not the celebration of woman at all. All of the things celebrated can all be done by men!

This is the glorification of female careerism and the rejection of full time moms and homemakers as if that were somehow beneath women. I sense male domination here! It's a defeminized feminism, viz. male chauvinism in disguise. Celebrate women while pointing out nothing which is uniquely or even predominantly feminine!

“The most important person on Earth is a mother. She cannot claim the honor of having built Notre Dame Cathedral. She need not. She has built something more magnificent than any cathedral - a dwelling for an immortal Soul, the tiny perfection of her baby's body... The Angels have not been blessed with such a grace. They cannot share in God's creative miracle to bring new Saints to Heaven.  Only a human mother can. Mothers are closer to God the Creator than any other creature. God joins forces with mothers in performing this act of creation... What on God's good earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother?” 
--Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty

Is it any wonder that today there are more stay home moms with professional degrees than ever before in our history? Women are qualified for the world and very often prefer to stay at home to do the greatest work on earth: forming humanity from scratch, intimately, personally and totally, your own flesh and blood, and for God! That cannot be belittled!

Furthermore, how can you celebrate women while ignoring the most blessed of all women, the perfect Virgin and Mother, Mary! It is a devious plot oppressed with the grossest ignorance. No, it is completely consistent with the plan laid out a couple of centuries ago by the philosopher Auguste Compte to reinvent the social world by trumping up celebrations of humanistic ideals that no one believes in or celebrates simply to supplant the Christian culture and the celebration of our true beliefs and values.

And Google goes about it's business never making any reference to any explicitly Christian celebration, but celebrating all sorts of trumped up and mutilated humanist "realities" for us. Google can't think it will achieve what the French Revolution was not able to achieve: the redefining of humanity eliminating Christ and His Church and true humanism which cannot reject the Perfect Man Jesus Christ and His Saints!

It is a fact that every person that went to Google today was born of a woman, and that enormous and universal feminine bearing of all of humanity is despised and rejected by the ingrates of the great search engine, internet empire: a very deep and perverse agenda in the pervasive neo-gnosticism of our age.

It reminds one of the Google Doodle at Christmas reminiscent of the Macy's windows which will allude to all things Winter but never any allusion to the Mother and the God Child, the Word made flesh: the Reason for the Seasons!

The root of the irony is that in praise of women woman herself is rejected. There is no consideration of the woman as a person, simply as a function, not a unique person within an unique gender of persons. With that human nature itself is rejected. This thought comes from a quote from Cardinal Ratzinger on the neutering of human reproduction.

The impasse of reproduction logic is man; it is on him that the glass (of the test-tube homunculus) shatters, and proves itself the shell of the artificial. "Nature," for which the faith of the Church demands respect in the begetting of a human being, is therefore not a falsely sacralized biological or physiological process; this "nature" is rather the dignity of the person itself, or of the Three Persons who are involved. This dignity reveals itself also precisely in bodiliness; to this bodiliness must correspond that logic of self-giving which stands written into creation and into the hearts of men, in accordance with the great statement of St. Thomas Aquinas, "Love is by its nature the primary gift, from which all other gifts follow of themselves." 
Joseph Ratzinger in Communio Volume 2, Anthropology and Culture, 82.

So, what underlies this rejection of the feminine genius is the rejection of the human person male and female and the very love which is it's foundation, at the very heart of which is human sexuality with its precise specificity and the absolute freedom involved therein! The Cardinal then continues to clarify the present dilemma as played out in the mechanicalizing of human reproduction.

The alternative before which we stand today can be formulated very precisely: On the one hand, one can regard only the mechanical, nature's laws, as real, and consider all that is persona, all love and self-giving, as mere appearance, which though psychologically useful, is ultimately unreal and untenable. I find for this position no other designation than the denial of humanity. If one follows out this logic, then of course the notion of God becomes just mythological talk with no real content. On the other hand, according to the other alternative, things are just the opposite: On can consider the personal as the really real, the stronger and higher form of reality, which does not reduce the biological and mechanical to mere appearance, but draws them into itself and thus opens them up to a new dimension. Then not only does the notion of God retain sense and meaning, but the notion of nature appears in a new light; nature is then not just a fortuitously functioning rational order of letters and numbers, but carries within it a moral message, which precedes it and which appeals to mankind to find answers within it. The nature of things is such that the rightness of the one or the other basic decision cannot be decided in the laboratory. In the dispute about man only man can decide whether to accept or deny himself.

Not even Google will decide for us the nature of things, viz. what it means to be a woman and to what women shall dedicate themselves as women! Women, indeed each woman, will decide whether to accept or deny herself and her full feminine majesty, the grandeur of her female person, for the glory of God, or His rejection.

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