Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis is Politically Correct

It is shocking and offensive for men and women of normal Catholic sensibilities for the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth to neglect to explicitly condemn and decry the travesty of present marriage law, assisted suicide and abortion.

Pope Francis is a prophet of ambiguity and confusion but he is very clearly on the side of publicly not condemning the prevalent and legal crimes and perversions of contraception, abortion, same-sex unions and so called assisted-suicide (a misnomer for legalized euthanasia). Quite simply, he is politically correct and proposes that model of political correctness, of distancing oneself from the Catholic identity, as a model for priests and bishops.

The clear and unambiguous message is befriend the enemies of the Church, the enemies of God, the enemies of Christ. He makes it a point to say and to show that he is no friend of loyal and zealous Catholics, especially the clergy, of whom he is consistently critical and quick to correct while so reluctant to contradict the mood of the rulers of the world.

So he rightly and explicitly condemns drug-trafficking and the abuse of children and promotes the rights of the poor, points on which there is 100% unanimous agreement among legislators and nations everywhere, while consciously and purposefully refusing to explicitly mention the singular gravity and presently growing scandals of abortion "rights" and public funding, same-sex unions and euthanasia.

Pope Francis, therefore, is no friend.

He is friends with the demons of this world and thereby deliberately distances himself from the saints: Blessed Mother Teresa, Blessed Pope Paul VI, Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, all of whom consistently and clearly condemned these crimes of the nations at the United Nations every time they have been invited there!

E.g. Blessed Pope Paul VI explicitly condemned contraception at the United Nations  Monday, 4 October 1965 (three years before Humanae Vitae and five years before Roe vs. Wade) saying "Your task is so to act that there will be enough bread at the table of mankind and not to support an artificial birth control that would be irrational, with the aim of reducing the number of those sharing in the banquet of life."

Pope Francis continues to muffle the prophetic voice of his papacy and it is very hurtful and confusing to loyal Catholics, which offense he apparently deems a part of his mission. He sets out to provoke the ire of the faithful and to promote the consolation of the masses and of the ruling powers. N.B. No words of criticism against the communist regime in Cuba, just kind words.
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