Monday, September 28, 2015

Stained Glass Window In Five Minutes

You need a one sided coloring sheet meaning that there is only a picture on one side, Wax paper or paper towel, markers or crayons, vegetable oil or cooking spray and a paint brush.

1. Color the picture with markers or crayons. Press firmly.

2. Place the picture on a piece of wax paper or a paper towel. Cover the picture with vegetable oil or cooking spray. I like spray because it is easier.

3. Use the paintbrush to evenly distribute the oil.

4. Let dry. My picture took 5 hours. The result will be a stained glass picture. I hung mine in the kitchen window.

Perhaps the best place to go to find one sided coloring pages is the Internet. You can google in stained glass coloring on google images and get loads of good stuff.

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