Monday, October 5, 2015

El Seminarista: Pedro Infante

From the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, Infante is considered an secular idol of Latin America; styled, together with Jorge Negrete and Javier Solís, as the Tres Gallos Mexicanos (theThree Mexican Roosters).

Infante starred in no less than 62 films!

N.B. "The Seminarian" story line is of an ex-seminarian reminiscing with his priest friend about the clerical life. Pedro Infante did not lead an exemplary life (fathering children from his adulterous relationships). Excellent acting, albeit with a typical Mexican-masonic anti-clerical twist. Enjoy, with caution at the Anti-Catholic propaganda.

Santa 1931 kicked off that Mexican cinematographic golden age.

Here one with the legendary beauty Dolores del Río 1943
Not sure what the political implications of "the revolution" were, a frequent theme of the golden age.

First class Mexican Movies!
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