Monday, November 2, 2015

Secularism's Anti-Catholic Name Games

Google Doodle "Day of the Dead" instead of All Soul's Day

They are trying to change All Soul's Day into The Day of the Dead, because the Mexican government has decided it!

It happens to be a holiday that has become a national symbol and as such is taught (for educational purposes) in the nation's schools, but there are families who are more inclined to celebrate a traditional "All Saints' Day" associated with the Catholic Church...
In the early 21st century in northern Mexico, Día de Muertos is observed because the Mexican government made it a national holiday by its educational policies from the 1960s and has tried to use it as a unifying national tradition in the north of the country.
Wikipedia, cited November 2, 2015.
Just as they are trying to change Christmas into Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and hanukkah or even kwanzaa, this last of which no one in the world celebrates, it is a fabricated fiction invented in an explicit attempt to supplant Christmas, and is nevertheless taught as real in our public schools.

The fact is that All Soul's Day is commemorated in every nation on the earth today with it's rich millennial traditions reaching back to the beginning of humanity, and, yes, it is Catholic. Whatever you call it, you will not change that!

N.B. Google's Anti-Catholic Gnosticism, The Day of the Dead.

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