Saturday, January 30, 2016

Abortion, Relationships and Feelings!

"Pro-Life + Pro-Woman Go Hand-in-Hand" was the dominant theme of the 2016 March for Life which had roughly 100,000 pro-lifers, despite the impending winter storm.

Sue Ellen Bowder (3:51:40 of the March video), who used to be employed by the porno Cosmopolitan Magazine, had a great soundbite which well summarizes this year's focus.

"We need to stop pitting the rights of a mother against the rights of her baby.
"Whatever harms the baby, harms the mother.
"Whatever harms the mother, harms the child.
"Whatever harms either of them harms us all!"

Love them both!

I went to the Cosmopolitan website to try to find her quote or name (foolish me) and what I found was a piece demonizing the pro-life movement and containing quite a bit of fiction (e.g. that there were 100 pro-abortion demonstrators in front of the Supreme Court with a speaker! never saw or heard them!)

The "Most Popular" adds under that highly charged article were mostly porno! I was aghast and, of course, clicked on none of that scum. The focus is promote female sexual immorality!

"Sex Tips From Guys"
"4 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Positions"
"5 Girl on Top Sex Positions He Will Never Forget"
"How This Plastic Surgeon Can Give You a New Chin I...[Surely the article alludes to other jobs]."
"The Best Sex Position For Your Sign" [The picture is of a white naked slender female laying on top of a black naked slender female--i.e. horoscope & homo-sex].

Female sexual perversion is one sure way to destroy any possibility of order in the family. Then a women would not even be trusted with her own child at the breast! Thank God women do not have testosterone!

True feminism is pro-virginity and pro-maternity! Pro-Blessed Virgin Mary! Pro-Jesus!

Cf. Porn and Females
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