Saturday, January 16, 2016

Faith in Hollywood: Randall Wallace with Raymond Arroyo

Any conversation with the moguls of Hollywood would need to include a disclaimer regarding a film's gratuitous nudity, the inherent corruption of which vitiates any virtue the film might otherwise have.

One degrading scene makes the entire film morally objectionable, i.e. bad.

Otherwise, it is like saying that your party was a good party, even is someone chanced to come unclad! People of normal moral sensibility do not tolerate public nudity, public displays of homosexual affection or any other lewd displays, and cannot be silent when they are paraded, without being complicit, because they know it is bad. It comes from a bad place in people and it makes people bad. Put simply, it's called lust! and it's an insidious capital sin which has toppled empires!

My faint recollection of the one time I saw "Brave Heart" (and largely the reason I have never gone back to it) is that it does have a woman topless in one scene or other and so I intellectually filed it with all the other not recommendable seductive garbage!

Upright men censure lust in all its forms, especially when it is unsolicited and thrown in their faces!

Mr. Arroro's interview is a great show...but...the filth must be sniffed out! We need men who can "smell out the horse thieves," as John Wayne ("Dark Command" [1940]) famously said. The abuse cannot be ignored! It is sexual abuse to request an actress to take off her clothes in front of you or anyone else, never mind to allow you to film her nude for the whole world and all posterity to see!

Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Folks, it's true. I don't know much about the law. Ain't had much book learning. But the good Lord gave me a nose for smelling a horse thief a mile off. And what you need in these parts is a marshal that's better at smelling than spelling.

As a healthy corrective I do like the work being done by my cable station which shows a great variety of objectionable films while censuring the cursing and the nudity.

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