Sunday, January 17, 2016

Second Sunday Ordinary Time (C) Catechism Topics

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Homiletic Directory)

CCC 528: at Cana, Christ shows himself to be Messiah, Son of God, Savior

CCC 796: the Church as Bride of Christ

CCC 1612-1617: marriage in the Lord

CCC 2618: Mary’s intercession at Cana

CCC 799-801, 951, 2003: charisms at the service of the Church

I find the new Directory suggestions especially useful to prepare a sermon in a language in which I am not entirely fluent. I can thus rely more heavily on the ready-made Catechism of the Catholic Church explanations in that language: e.g. Today I have to preach in French, so I'll read those passages in the Catechism to prepare for the sermon and perhaps choose one passage to quote and briefly expound, to attempt maximum clarity, which is a chief goal of preaching.

N.B. No sermon is better than a bad sermon! In my case, if you can reasonably conclude that your sermon will not increase, or otherwise (what is worse) will add confusion to, the clarity of the Catholic faith in your hearers, don't give it. Better silence than a bad (e.g. unclear) sermon!

Why most priests should not preach.

Here is what I have come up with for my sermon.
Preach on the sanctity (effects) of marriage as established by Christ by simply reading the following passages.
CCC 1613-1616, 1638-1642 and concluding with reading Revelation 19:6-9 on the eschatological wedding supper of the Lamb.
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