Monday, February 1, 2016

Christian Greeting Indulgence

N. B. From the first moment of his Papacy, Pope Francis has ceased the long-standing Papal custom of the Christian greeting. Suggestion: every Christian in the world should make up for His Holiness' neglect by ourselves replacing our banal daily greetings, especially in our own houses, with the traditional (previously) indulgenced greetings. And even when He or anyone else should greet us with the pedestrian greeting of the world (e.g. "Dear brothers and sisters, good morning.") to respond with one of these.

V. Praised be Jesus Christ.
R. Amen, or (Now and) for ever.

V. Praised be Jesus and Mary.
R. Today and for ever.

V. Glory be to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
R. Glory be to the immaculate Heart of Mary.

The faithful whenever they greet one another with one of the above salutations, or with one similar to these, may gain:
An indulgence of 300 days;
A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions once a month, if they habitually observe this devout practice (Pius X, Rescript in his own hand, May 30, 1908, exhib. May 2, 1912; Holy Office, March 27, 1913 and June 26, 1913; S. P. Ap., Aug. 5, 1936. The Raccolta, Altona, Manitoba: Benziger, 1957, #697.

V. Laudétur Iesus Christus.
R. Amen., vel In sæcula.
V. Laudétur Iesus et María.
R. Hódie et semper.
V. Vive le sacré Cœur de Jésus.
R. Vive le Cœur immaculé de Marie.

Plinthos, raising the bar!

N.B. On Magnanimity (typical of Catholicism)

We should do great good for a great number of people, if possible. If that is not possible, then great good for a lesser number. Never be satisfied with doing small (mediocre) good for a large number!

Gran bien se debe hacer para un gran número, si es posible; si no, entonces un gran bien a un número menor; nunca te contentes con hacer un poco de bien a un gran número.
Cien puntos para la evangelización
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