Friday, March 25, 2016

Sneaking in a Treat for the 25th of March (Annunciation Day [albeit transferred])

Bach Magnficat: Philippe Herreweghe conducting!
The same conductor of the impeccable de Lassus Lamentations in the post below.

When the bass aria began the "quia fecit" (9:45), I began to feel that this might be too much indulgence for Good Friday? Certainly a confusion for one's deep religious sentiments on the day of the death of the Lord.
It is helpful in this regard to meditate on this as a prelude to Mary at the foot of the cross today!

The "deposuit" aria (17:08) starts to put things in place for Good Friday and the day of reckoning! And then the "esurientes" is like the singular dilection of the meager bread and water of our Good Friday fast (and that postponed to supper), never was a meal more meaningful.

The "suscepit" (22:10) in fact exactly a lamentation, sounding very much like the rescue of the great Israel exodus! Very appropriate for Good Friday, and with the further talk "sicut locutus" (24:07) of Abraham and his seed forever saved!

The "gloria patri" really does needs to wait till tomorrow night, being every bit an Easter triumph sound!

OK, that's enough of a sneak taste of the bumped Annunciation. Time for bed and back to the lamentations till Easter!
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