Monday, April 18, 2016

"Morality" without Truth

Sounds alot like "who am I to judge."

No intellectual charity!

Without Jesus Christ there is no Truth! The origin of the relativist problem is the attempt to eliminate the name of Jesus.

What is at play here intellectually is not open-mindedness at all but rather the moral categories determined by the organs of political correctness. It is a relativism determined by the group (e.g. national sentiment). All of those interviewed would certainly agree (I hope) that child molestation is wrong, but simply because our society happens to say so for the present moment. As soon as "everyone" thinks differently, they will follow suit. Scary!

Dictatorship of relativism. What is unacceptable is to contradict what popular opinion has been determined as acceptable or unacceptable.

So, whoever can manipulate and control popular sentiment rules the day!

N.B. The comments are superb! I love this one from 11 hours ago by Shadowhero387!

"So, as a 6'5" Chinese 7 year old girl enrolled in elementary can i use the little girl's room with all the other girls?"

Shall we call it "erotic theology?" This is what happens when sexual morality is roundly denied and derided. The philosophy follows the libido! If we are not ruled by the Truth we become ruled by our passions! But beware, hatred and lust are very ugly passions, they will not let you live in peace!
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