Sunday, May 8, 2016

Translocation of the Tomb of Saint Jerome

Sistine Chapel Saint Mary Major
Built over the 12th century Nativity Chapel

The Roman Martyrology for tomorrow (today's Prime) says the 9th of May is the day that Saint Jerome was moved [12th century] from Bethlehem to Saint Mary Major in Rome, to rest beside the relics of the Crib of our Lord there [in the confessio crypt under the blessed sacrament altar of that basilica's 16th century "Sistine Chapel" {the chapel also of the tomb's of Pope Saint Pius V and Pope Sixtus V himself}]. The relics of the crib were subsequently moved from the Sistine Chapel (by Blessed Pope Pius IX) to their present place in the confessio under the papal altar, though it appears unclear whether the relics of Saint Jerome stayed in the side chapel or were also moved to the crib's present place in the confessio under the main altar of the basilica. What is more, Wikipedia says that both the city of Nepi and the Escorial claim to have the head of Saint Jerome.

There is also commemorated at Rome the translation of the body of the holy Priest Jerome, Doctor of the Church, from Bethlehem of Juda [Church of Saint Catherine] into the cathedral church of Saint Mary-by-the-Manger, (commonly called St Mary the Greater.)
--Roman Martyrology
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