Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spiritual Because Religious

Our religion is not a "spiritual" religion, it is a human religion. It is integrally human precisely because it is divine; and is it not more human for the soul, once purified,  to be able to re-assume in it's place, in association with it's ecstasy, the body, which here below it tried in vain to lead to happiness? Our religion is founded on the incarnation, I tell you, not on dis-incarnation. The visibility of the Church, its social character, its sacamental means, all of its practice, witness to its character. The resurrection of the dead is a corollary called for by doctrinal coherence as by the very nature of things. United, in the Church, to the Spirit of Christ, forming "body" with Christ, we have a right, at our hour, to take part in the resurrection of Christ and in the triumph of his mortal flesh. "If the Spirit which resurrected the Lord Jesus lives in you, He will also revive your mortal bodies." (Saint Paul)

Catchisme des Incroyants, vol II, A.D. Sertillanges, Flamarrion, 1930, 246.
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