Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crucifixion of the Just Man in Plato

Here is the saying, and if it should be presented in terms which are too harsh, do not think that they are my words, but the words of those who esteem injustice instead of justice. They would say thus: that the just man, because of his demeanor, will be scourged, racked, thrown in chains, his eyes will be burnt out, and, ultimately, after having suffered all these evils, he will be impaled on a cross. Then finally he will understand that man should pursue not justice but the appearance thereof.  Republic, II 361 E - 362 A

The supreme injustice is to seem just without being so.  Republic II 361 A

We could say that the latter quote is the theme of Pope Francis' papacy, in his hyper-critical attitude toward clergy and pious Catholics (viz. anti-clericalism).
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