Friday, July 1, 2016

Homosexualist Blasphemy Deemed Legal in Spain

Thus Queerdom's poster in Spain defaming not only the perpetual virginity of the Most Holy and Ever Virgin Mary but, what is more, having the sacred and venerated images of the Virgin in an homosexual kiss.

In addition to being insulting and intolerably reprehensible, the image attributes to the Most Holy and Ever Virgin Mary not just a sexual posture in direct mockery of her gracious gift of perpetual Virginity, but also lesbian; which goes even further, in placing on her a behavior contrary to the values of the Christian anthropological doctrine regarding the complimentarity and proper ends of the mutual self-donation of spouses to which sexual relations are exclusively reserved.

A judge ruled that the poster does not intend to offend religious sensibilities but is rather intended to be satirical, critical and provocative.

Below is the mass demonstration of reparation at the Cathedral, in response to this blasphemy, by the people of Valencia, Spain.

Mass of Reparation
In Honor of the Virgin of the Abandoned/Helpless
La Virgen de los Desamparados
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