Thursday, July 7, 2016

Humility in Christ Crucified is the Key to Wisdom

Hugh of Saint Victor (†1141) gave some important explanations on the essence of theology (from which Saint Thomas' teaching would later draw).

[We can see] how he was a faithful guardian of the received heritage in consciously and expressly contrasting the unique wisdom of the pagans (which at its apex became folly) with the true wisdom, also unique, of the Christians, revealed to believers in the cross of Jesus Christ.

"There was a type of wisdom which appeared wisdom to those who did not know the true wisdom [...] But God has made the wisdom of the world foolish, since the wisdom of God could not be found in it, and has demonstrated another wisdom, which seemed folly and it was not: through it true wisdom was to be found. Christ crucified was preached so that humility would create access to the truth."
Joseph Ratzinger, Obras Completas II, 326-327.
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