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Lilia Rosa, Decor Carmeli, Requiescat in Pace

Latin.png Latin text
Rosa vernans caritatis,
lilium virginitatis,
stella fulgens, Maria,
vas sanctitatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.
Gemma lucens puritatis,
lumine divinitatis,
nobis adsis, Maria,
thus suavitatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.
Cuius partus singularis,
vincula mortalitatis,
nobis scindit, Maria,
lux libertatis,
Ora pro nobis Dominum.
English.png English translation
Rose blossoming love,
Lily of virginity,
Bright star, Mary,
Vessel of holiness,
Pray to the Lord for us.
A shining jewel of purity,
Light of the Godhead,
Be with us, Mary,
Sweet incense,
Pray to the Lord for us.
Whose only child
severed for us
the bonds of mortality,
Mary, light of freedom,
Pray to the Lord for us.

P.S. My mother, Lilia Rosa, was a third order Carmelite. On the front cover of the Traditional Carmelite Missal there is text which reads.

Aut pati aut mori ["To suffer or to die {for You Oh Lord"}Saint Teresa of Avila]
Pati et contemni pro te ["To suffer and be despised for you {Oh Lord"}Saint John of the Cross]

Decor Carmeli [{Queen} Beauty of Carmel]

Floribus eius nec rosae nec lilia desunt [Nor roses {martyrs} nor lilies {virgins} are wanting among it's {Carmel's} flowers {saints}].

Decor Carmeli

I will say her anniversary Requiem Mass at a local Carmel, 24 August, which is also the anniversary of the Discalced Carmelite reform by Saint Teresa of Avila (1562), a solemn feast in the Carmelite order.
Original text and translations
Latin.png Latin text
O Maria, vernans rosa,
Porta coeli speciosa,
Clarior sideribus,
Me guberna, me supporta,
Me defende, me conforta
Ne vincar ab hostibus.

Tu lux pulchra, tu medela,
Tu pax vera, tu tutela,
Inimici frange tela
Succurre cadentibus.

English.png English translation
O Mary, rose of spring,
fair gate to Heaven,
brighter than the stars!
Support and direct me,
sustain and protect me,
lest the foe vanquish me.

You beautiful light, you healer,
you bringer of true peace, you protector.
Defeat my enemies.
Grant me your help.


Text and translations
Latin.png Latin text
2:1  Ego flos campi et lilium convallium.
2:2  Sicut lilium inter spinas sic amica mea inter filias.
2:3a  Sicut malus inter ligna silvarum, sic dilectus meus inter filios.
2:3b  Sub umbra illius quem desideraveram sedi, et fructus ejus dulcis gutturi meo.
2:4  Introduxit me Rex in cellam vinariam ordinavit in me charitatem.
2:5  Fulcite me floribus, stipate me malis quia amore langueo.
4:15  fons hortorum puteus aquarum viventium quae fluunt impetu de Libano
English.png English translation
2:1  I am the flower of the field, and the lily of the valleys.
2:2  As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
2:3a  As the apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons.
2:3b  I sat down under his shadow, whom I desired: and his fruit was sweet to my palate.
2:4  He brought me into the cellar of wine, he set in order charity in me.
2:5  Stay me up with flowers, compass me about with apples: because I languish with love.
4:15  The fountain of gardens: the well of living waters, which run with a strong stream from Libanus.

P.S.S. There is at least one other connection with Our Lady of Mount Carmel. On the 16th of July 1962 (the four-hundredth year since the founding of the Carmelite Reform) Lilia Rosa lay dying at Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City after the birth of her firstborn son (first of 13 children). She had contracted meninjitis. Our Blessed Mother appeared to my mother and told her that if she promised to name her firstborn daughter after her she would survive. Six years later she gave birth to my oldest sister, Maria del Carmen, her sixth child.
Stella Maris Church/Carmelite Monastery Haifa, The Mount of Saint Elias (Mount Carmel), Lebanon

Saint Paul Melkite Basilica, Harissa Lebanon
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