Friday, July 8, 2016

On American Blacks/Negros

Everyone seems to officially indiscriminately refer to "blacks" as "African-Americans". That is a misnomer.

In my neighborhood, which is predominantly "negro" (just the latinized form of the the Anglo-Saxon "black"), probably more than half of the young men on the street are either foreign born themselves or sons of immigrants: e.g. from Haiti, various African nations, other Caribbean or even Latin American nations, etc. Social-economically they are not at all the same as, nor do they mingle very much with, the American black population, though racially they may appear to be the same.

The immigrant negro has a stronger family and is proportionately much more Catholic/Christian because of his foreign roots and consequently has not yet been so much exposed to our long-time failing welfare system and moral demise. Many go to college and progress. If they are American citizens only they (the new arrivals from Africa) are technically the "African-Americans" in our midst, though they (the more upward bound blacks) are not at all whom we mean when we use the term.

The proper term for the traditional negroid American, therefore, I would argue, should be simply "American-black" (or American-negro, if you prefer). And their plight is a disgrace to our nation. We have been segregating and destroying them from the beginning of their presence here, most recently with our vice-enabling welfare system. e.g. 50% of American blacks are presently being aborted in America!

Cf. Census Confusion and Racism.

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