Tuesday, August 9, 2016

False Peace

A couple of weeks ago I came across the following commemoration in the Roman Martyrology for the Twenty-Seventh Day of July.

"At Cordova in Spain, the holy martyrs George, a Deacon, Aurelius and his wife, Natalia, Felix and his wife, Liliosa, in the Arab persecution...were born into the better life."

A pious act of veneration for the Martyr Saints who willingly gave their lives for Christ, and a reminder that the killing of Christians by the infidel (of whatever stripe [recall that Saul of Tarsus {before Christ appeared to Him and converted him} was a zealous Jew in charge of killing Christians in the name of God]), which began with the killing of Christ himself and His Holy Apostles, continues to our own day.

Saints George, Aurelius, Natalia, Felix and Lilios were among the 48 Saints who were martyred between 850 and 859, prominent Christians who manfully defied the imposition of Mohammedanism is Spain.
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