Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Found by the Truth

Fr. Gottlieb Clemens Söhngen

"His deepest fearlessness comes out of his question regarding knowing, that we cannot ask for the Truth, if It has not first asked for us. We cannot search for the Truth if we have not already been found by It!"
--Joseph Ratzinger homily at the Requiem Mass of Gottlieb Söhngen, Saint Agnes Church, Cologne, November 19, 1971, cited in Alfred Läpple, Benedikt XVI und seine Wurzeln, Augsburg: Sankt Ulrich, 2006, 81. 

In other words, you don't so much discover the Truth as allow yourself to be discovered and led by It.

The Truth impresses itself upon you. The Truth comes to you, so to speak, from the outside (though it wells up also from within you). It precedes you and is larger than you. It makes demands upon you. And so, consequently, you pursue it, having been enchanted by it.

The Truth calls you.

God is the Truth. Jesus Christ is the Truth. There is no Other!
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