Sunday, December 25, 2016

Scrooge's Intentions

Google doodle still refuses (along with Macy's, etc.) to acknowledge the great reality of Christmas: viz. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

What is it that these and the other multifarious Scrooges of the world hate in their vehement opposition to the Christmas creche, preferring even minorahs and crescents and the made-up kawanza, trees, anything but Jesus.

Yesterday a Jewish jeweler, after kindly assisting me in her shop, said to me "Merry Christmas." And an unemployed man of the neighborhood, who never greets me, said, "Good evening." I replied "Merry Christmas" and he concurred.

What is wrong with that? Why do the secularists oppose that with such militancy? It was the philosophy Auguste Compte who set out an entire theory and system to replace religion and the religious (Christian) festivals with secular (e.g. nationalistic) commemorations and sentiment. The modern resistance and rejection of religion is a continuation of that Comptean movement (positivism) which took a very bloody turn in Marxist communism, and the Nazi national socialism.

Christmas' heritage is that people try to be kind to one another, generous, united, going home, with the family, making peace, sending greetings, buying gifts for each other, celebrating love, joy and peace. It is the one time of the year that Christians, as a body, actually manifest their Christianity, their joyful and right worship of God in Jesus Christ and the peace and goodwill to men which he brought.

What is more, some people actually convert and go from being nominal Christians to very fervent Catholic believers with all of it's implications, to be real men of good and servants of truth and peace and goodwill for their entire lives. And non-believers come to believe and embrace the joy, love and peace of the salvation which comes from Christ.

Why anyone would want to oppose that perfection of humanity, which only comes with God made Flesh in the God-Babe is either irrational or down right evil.

It is as if the Scrooges would prefer to do away with so much holy mirth in favor of the cold and dreary darkness of another day of work, dark and cold of winter, without history and humanity being forever changed!

N.B. Rex pacificus, magnificatus est, cuius vultum desiderat universa terra! (I Vespers of Christmas, 1 Antiphon, 1962)
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