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"The letter and spirit of the Second Vatican Council in the Council speeches of Cardinal Frings"

Thus a literal translation of the Communio article entitled "Cardinal Frings's Speeches During the Second Vatican Council: Some Reflections Apropos of Muggeridge's The Desolate City" by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.
Ratzinger, who was the speech writer for Cardinal Josef Frings throughout the Council, mentions fifteen speeches and their relevance to the Church's conciliar teaching.
Below are the dates and Acta citations for those speeches and the topics treated from each.
It seems to me that the Frings Speeches should be collected and published separately, as a contribution to the collected works of Ratzinger, because of the central historical importance of those speeches. The numbers in parenthesis are of the pages and footnotes of the Communio article as published in the book referenced below.

The Holy Office                                                                               8 XI 63, II/V, 616ff. (88 n5)
Language is schools                                                                        4 XII 62, I/III, 34. (89 n6)
Narrow use of sources, esp. the Greek Fathers                               4 XII 62, I/IV, 291. (Ibid.)
Collegiality                                                                                   14 XII 63, II/II, 493ff. (95 n10)
Church                                                                                             9 IX 63, II/I, 343-346. (Ibid.)
Bishops' Conferences                                                                       3 XI 63 II/V, 66-69. (92 n17)
Relief works                                                                                     5 XI 64 III/IV, 301-303. (99 n20)
"Progress"                                                                                        5 IX 65 IV/I, 201-203. (100 n21)
Divine salvation as different from human progress                        4 IX 65 IV/II, 406. (Ibid.)
Rejection of spiritualizing Platonism, and a theol. of Incarnation w/o suffering Passover
                                                                                                        27 X 64 III/V, 562. (101 n23)
Freedom                                                                                                        IV/I, 202,  #3a. (101 n25)
World                                                                                                            IV/II, 405, #2. (Ibid.)
"People of God" confusion                                                           24 IX 65 IV/II, 496, #3. (101 n26)
Church                                                                                                          II/VI, 194, #1. (102 n27
Errors in other faiths                                                                     28 IX 64 III/II 583, 584, #2 (102 n28)

Acta Synodalia S. Concilii Oecumenici Vaticani Secundi (Rome, 1973).
Joseph Ratzinger in Communio: Volume I: The Unity of the Church, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010.
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