Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Truth and lies

Your truth? --No: The truth.
And come with me to seek it.
Keep yours to yourself.

Antonio Machado, in response to Ramon de Campoamor's famous relativistic statement "In this traitor world nothing is true nor lie; everything is according to the color of the glass with which it is seen."

Of course, the ad infinitum absurdum question then becomes, if nothing is true or lie, how can you even speak of the color of the glass? What do you know of colors? What do you know of glass? What do you know of seeing? And what do you know of everything? And those knowledges, where do you place them in your cynicism against the traitor world? Any statement on EVERYTHING is surely categorical, imperialist, imposing itself upon all! AKA, the dictatorship of relativism.

No, your truth--that nothing is true--is false! It falsifies itself, especially if it were taken to be true. That is what is called opinion. Humbug opinion at that.
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