Friday, May 12, 2017

"He loves God." Utinam!

That is how one mother today explained my presence to her small children, as I stood there reading my breviary on the Parish steps, and they passed on the way to their secularist schools.

The children were commenting on the elegance of the priestly attire: cassock and saturno, with full beard. "Yes, he looks good" replied the mother to a comment from a child; and "He loves God," was the response to another comment of the children as they glanced back in amazement at the extraordinary sight, to explain the nature and mission of the priest at prayer in public.

"He loves God." Amen! Utinam! That is the only sufficient reason for the priesthood, and the priestly mission: the love of God.

That, for the love of God, is actually the only sufficient reason for doing anything in life.

"My food is to do the will of Him Who sent me, to accomplish His work." Jn. 4:34

P.S. One of the main reasons I daily say some of my prayers (the 1962 Breviary)--the prayer of the Church--the prayer of Christ--outside is to advertise that very reality, to show the world that we are made to love God! That the service of God is essential. That the priesthood is not only or even primarily social work, it is divine service.

"Let nothing be put before the work of God."  Saint Benedict

Ergo nihil operi Dei praeponatur. S. Benedicti Regula43, 3.

The Catholic religion points to God! Wear it, live it, unabashedly, proudly!

May Catholic priests shamelessly parade their noble love of God at least as much those who hate God parade their shameful lusts! Utinam!
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