Sunday, May 14, 2017

Science's Inadequacy Regarding Origins and Meaning

Positive Science is confronted with three natural inexplicable "mysteries." All extra-theological explanations devolve into the irrational.

--origin of the universe

--origin of life

--origin of consciousness

The question of the fundamental origins is completely lost on science because it ignores the Originator.

In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram! Genesis 1:1

"Science fiction the context of many sciences:" theories about the beginning and the end of the world, "...only imaginations whereby we draw near to the reality..." Within the theory of evolution is a great deal of science fiction: e.g. Richard Dawkins' "selfish gene."

" wish to replace God with 'Nature,' the question remains as to who or what this nature is. Nowhere do you define it and it therefore appears to be an irrational divinity which explains nothing. However, I would like especially to note that in your religion of mathematics there fundamental themes of human existence are not considered: freedom, love and evil. I am surprised that with a nod you set aside freedom which has been and still remains a fundamental value of the modern age. Love does not appear in your book, nor does the question of evil. Whatever neurobiology says or does not say about freedom, in the real drama of our history it is present as a crucial reality and it must be taken into account. However, your mathematical religion knows of no answer to the question of freedom, it ignores love and it does not give us any information on evil. A religion that neglects these fundamental questions is empty."

"It must be said that a divine Logos also must be conscious and, in this sense, a Subject and a Person. An objective reason always presupposes a subject, a reason which is conscious of itself."

Cf. Pope Emeritus Benedict Letter to Atheist Piergiorgio Odifreddi
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