Monday, June 5, 2017

Hope for France, Europe, the World: Mittit Spiritum Sanctum!

Watching that superb French Open tennis match yesterday, Novak Djokovic VS Albert Ramos-Viñolas, I was pleasantly surprised by the commentator's (not McEnroe, the other commentator?) mention (albeit only as an aside explaining why there were still so many Frenchmen in the bleachers at that late hour after that long first set) the Catholic feast of Pentecost celebrated in Catholic countries, and, in France, including a civic holiday today.

In fact, all Christians the world over, if they knew, if they were told, would celebrate it, because it is part and parcel of the Easter celebration, the fifty days of Easter which include Easter Sunday, Ascension Thursday, the fortieth day of Easter, and Pentecost, the fiftieth day of Easter, all according to the Scriptures revered by all Christians, with the Catholics, as always, leading the way!

Hope for the world!

Google should take note! Would someone please baptize google! Inform google that Jesus Christ is Lord, not google (or facebook or youtube)!

Mittit Spiritum Sanctum!
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