Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mohammed the Religious Warrior

I am tired of hearing Mohammedans and pro-Mohammedans claim that Islam is not a religion of violence.

Mohammed was a religious fanatic and a great historic warrior. Because of his military conquests he conquered and united all of Saudi Arabia, indeed in the name of God, but by the sword! Mohammed conquered and ruled by the sword! And the apostate, heretical religion he founded, to this day, is spread and rules by the sword.

To say that Islam is not a religion of violence is like saying that totalitarian-atheism is not a religion. By their fruits you shall know them. Actually, they are two types of the same totalitarian religion, viz., the Anti-Christ.

N.B. Jesus Christ is the King of Peace, there is no other. Christ killed no one, He came to save, not to destroy. And He came for every man of every race of every land of every time. He alone is the way to the Father. Christ did and taught the way of peace, viz. mercy, forgiveness, the cross.
The only Apostle of Christ who killed was Judas, the traitor, who handed Christ over to be killed and then murdered himself. No other Apostle of Jesus Christ has blood on his hands. Mohammadism, insofar as it reveres Mohammed as the greatest prophet, does indeed extol the imposition of religion by force and violence as exemplary and to be followed by the most zealous followers of that false religion.
There is a parallel here between Islam and Judaism. Recall that Abraham also was a warrior who established the religion of the one true God in the Holy Land, by the sword, in the name of God. And, later, Saul of Tarsus, a strict observant Jew of his time, dedicated himself to the killing of Christians, e.g. the death of Saint Stephen.
Queen Isabel the Catholic expelled the Mohammadans from Spain in 1492 precisely because of the uncontrollable violence and social disorder perpetuated by both groups. The present rash of uncontrollable spontaneous and illogical cruelty is a perfect image of fifteenth century Spain before the good order established by the Christian realm, fear and chaos on all sides!

N.B.B. Many kingdoms had expelled the Jews from their realms, e.g. England had an Edict of Expulsion from 1290 to 1657. Many kingdoms of Europe had expelled the Jews from their realms because of civic unrest, in order to bring peace within their borders.

P.S. Tomorrow, June 7, the Roman Martyrology commemorates "at Cordova in Spain, the holy martyr monks Peter, a priest, Wallabonsus, a deacon, Sabinian, Wistremund, Habentius and Jeremias, who for Christ's sake were slain in the Arab persecution." Our Catholic history is filled myriads upon myriads of these types of holy deaths of our martyr saints at the hands of those who hate Jesus Christ and His Church.

Many a university professor et alia today should revise his unbalanced view of the Christian Crusades and the Expulsion decrees. How do you propose to stop a fire throwing enemy? The most merciful solution is to make him and everyone who agrees with him leave. The Christian cause is a very good measure to determine who stays and who must go.

But Europe's Christians' problems today are much deeper than Islam. Europe's main problem is its own rejection of the Catholic faith. That is the heart of the disunity and disorder of Europe today. The Europeans need to start again by reading the Bible and going faithfully to Church and owning its Christian heritage. Otherwise, Europe is lost.

Cf. Without Roots, Ratzinger

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