Friday, June 9, 2017

On Racist Nomencleture, Language Distortions

Santiago de Chile

The other night a newscaster for EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network: the world wide Catholic television network) used the term "developing world" in reference to His Holiness Pope Francis' provenance. Developing world? What? Argentina? Not! Neither Argentina nor Chile nor Peru are to be considered undeveloped in any sense. Many of the countries of Latin America, even ones which have known high levels of prosperity like Cuba and Argentina and, more recently Venezuela, have suffered under anti-Catholic masonic ideology in their totalitarian regimes, many trained in the USA. But, even in places which still have widespread poverty and corruption, like Ecuador, everyone has internet.

So, when your country is taken over by an atheist dictator it is no longer to be considered developed? Regarding social disorder why are the communistic urban areas of America, which have been suffering under the same fiscal irresponsibility and ideological corruption of much of the Catholic world south of the border, why don't we call them also the "developing" world?

It is a defunct terminology which lumps together very different realities which in most ways do not even fit the name. That is name calling, certainly unintentional on the part of the fine people of EWTN, but shows how much the fake language of politically correct false terminology affects us all, even our Catholic networks.

N.B. Even EWTN uses false terms like "'gay' 'marriage'", "transgender", which indicate lies, lies, lies. The former term is a double misnomer attempting to reinvent marriage and the latter term a misnomer attempting to reinvent man. Have you not noticed that everyone today almost universally and sloppily (and mostly unconsciously) slips into the neutral plural pronoun in order to avoid the gender specific pronouns. Even the word "gender" is being hijacked, with great success, to express a willfulness that has nothing to do with true gender.

Cf. Saul Alinsky and the communists behind the half-century old American urban planning corruption.
Cff. "Gender Ideology Harms Children", American College of Pediatricians.
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