Sunday, April 15, 2018

Smart Fine Dining

Here are ways to eat economically, even at the finest restaurants.

1. Have an appetizers and drink(s) at home before going out.

2. Have no drinks at the restaurant, except, perhaps, a glass of wine. Drink the tap water.

3. Agree with your fellow diners to eat family style. That means that you will share each dish with everyone at the table. If the restaurant has an extra plate fee simply order dishes (entrées) enough for each diner, to avoid that fee. This is most effective when the menu is à la carte. Have each dish brought out separately in succession, so everything comes out hot and not all at once.

For example, if you are two diners, you may simply order two entrées, a pasta and a meat, both to be split in the kitchen and brought out separately as first dish (primo) and then second dish (secondo).

For dessert and coffee and digestif go to a coffee shop, ice-cream parlor or home.

4. Generously tip the waiter at least 20% of the bill to encourage friendly service! You should try not to be stingy, just smart. Frugal, generous and smart!

Your dining check will be less than half a normal dinner check. You will eat well and without too much excess food.
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