Thursday, August 16, 2018

All News is Fake News

According to the prevalent relativism ideology there is no truth. There is only your truth and my truth. Therefore, ex professo, there can be no such thing as reporting "only the facts" and certainly never all of the "facts," because the reporter and the news agency themselves can only really have their biased truth. There is necessarily always a perspective on everything, and one aspect of a thing is emphasized while many aspects of that same thing ignored or neglected. That is one problem. It is fundamental to human contingency. And that must be humbly acknowledged and honestly corrected at every turn.

A further question regards the intentions and the veracity of the journalist. What is clear is that the major networks conspire every day to present the news in a way which is favorable for the anti-Catholic perspective in the name of "rights" which deliberately kill the unborn and promote every type of sexual perversion, (beginning with adultery and contraception) which is always abuse, at every level. They are agreed to oppose and distort traditional values and anyone who stands in the way of their dictatorship of "tolerance." They systematically propose and promote Catholics which misrepresent the Catholic faith and the truth about man which She guards and promotes. So, for example, they opposed Alan Keyes and enthusiastically promoted Barack Obama.

It took the New York Times until July 16, 2018 to finally release their story about Theodore McCarrick, when the entire world had the news for a month, and the same professional journalists had access to that story for decades as they watched him rise in the ranks! They never touched him because he agrees with their gaydom ideology.

As an example of the of personal agenda preferences, consider the attitude of the mainstream media towards Pope Francis, as opposed to Benedict XVI or even John Paul II.

The real question is not whether the news is fake, but in what way it is fake. What type of fake. What is the agenda behind the news makers. That fact that people are starting to ask these types of critical questions about the manipulators of information is a very good thing.
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