Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Summa Sermon Notes 14

Here are the Summa references for the EF, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday.

EPISTLE (Acts 2:1-11)
"When the days of Pentecost were accomplished"
   To what feast of the Old Testament did Pentecost succeed? I-II Q.103, a.3
"They were altogether in one place"
   To pray properly, is it proper to meet in a definite place? II-II Q.83, a.4; Q.81, a.3
"And there appeared to them parted tongues"
   The gift of tongues II-II Q.176
   The gifts of the Holy Ghost I-II Q.68
   Why did the Holy Ghost descend in the form of fiery tongues on the apostles? I Q.43, a.7; III Q.39, a.6
   Why the form of fire and tongues? III Q.72, a.2
"And they began to speak with divers tongues"
   How did the apostles speak in everyone's language? III Q.176
   Were the apostles instructed in finer points of foreign languages as they were in their own? III Q.176
   Why did Christ not speak in all languages? III Q.176, a.1
"Because every man heard them speak in His own tongue"
   Were they in speaking one tongue understood by all, or did they speak in several tongues? III Q.176, a.1
GOSPEL (John 14:23-31)
"If any one love Me, he will keep My word"
   In what does charity consist? II-II Q.23
"My Father will love Him"
   The love of God I Q.20
"We will come to Him and make Our abode with Him"
   How the Father and the whole Trinity come to us and make Their abode with us I Q.43, a.4, ad.2
"But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost"
   Is this name fitting for any one divine Person? I Q.36, a.1
   Other names of the Holy Ghost I Q.32; Q.38; Q.39, a.8
"He will teach you all things"
   Since neither the apostles nor the Church know all truth, could this promise be true? I-II Q.106, a.4, ad.2
"My peace I give unto you"
   What is true peace? II-II Q.29, a.2, ad.3
"Let not your heart be troubled nor let it be afraid"
   Fortitude II-II Q.123
   Is fortitude concerned with fears and daring? II-II a.123, a.3
   Is fortitude concerned only with fear of death? II-II a.123, a.4
   Fear opposed to fortitude II-II Q.125
   When is fear a sin, when not? II-II Q.125, a.1
   When is fear a mortal sin? II-II Q.125, a.3
"For the Father is greater than I"
   How can the Father be said to be greater than the Son? I Q.42, a.4, ad.1; a.7, ad.1
   Is Christ subject to the Father? III Q.20, a.1
   Is Christ subject to Himself? III Q.20, a.2
"As the Father hath given Me commandment, so do I"
   As the Son is equal in power to the Father, how can the Father be said to give the Son a commandment? I Q.43, a.6, ad.1

Trinity Sunday
EPISTLE (Romans 11:33-36)
"O the depth of the riches of the wisdom," etc.
   Why does God predestine some and condemn others? I Q.23, a.5, ad.3
   does god in letting one fall, raise up another? I Q.23, a.6, ad.1
"How incomprehensible are His judgments"
   Do those who see God comprehend Him? I Q.12, a.7
   Do those who see God, see everything in Him? I Q.12, a.8
   Can the Trinity of Persons be known by natural reason? I Q.31, a.1
   Is God's existence known per se? I Q.2, a.1
"Who hath first given to Him, and recompense shall be made"
   Is it impossible to merit anything from God? I-II Q.114, a.1, ad.3
"For of Him and my Him"
   The appropriation of term "Father," Son," etc. I Q.39, a.8
GOSPEL (Matthew 28:18-20)
"All power is given to Me in heaven"
   The power of God I Q.25
   The power of Christ III Q.13
   How does the soul of Christ have omnipotence over unchangeable creatures? III Q.13, a.2, ad.1
"Going, therefore, teach"
   Should catechizing precede Baptism? III Q.71, a.1
"All nations"
   The recipients of Baptism III Q.68
"Baptizing them"
   The ministers of the sacrament of Baptism III Q.67
"In the name of the Father," etc.
   Is the above a fitting form of Baptism? III Q.66, a.5
   The names of god I Q.13
   Things pertaining to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I Q.33; Q.34; Q.35; Q.36
"Teaching them to observe"
   The doctrine of Christ III Q.42
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