Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Covid-19 Real Herd-Immunity Numbers

Half-a-billion people have recovered from Covid-19 and are inoculated. Here's why.

Over 99% of the people who get Covid-19 are barely affected by it (e.g. all children 14 years old and younger, and most people who are under 60), that "they don't even know they have had it." And the duration of the virus in a person who shows no symptoms is one week. It comes, and it goes, leaving him inoculated.

Therefore, with the world-wide total of reported cases over 5 million people, all of whom were presumably made noticeably ill by the virus, that means that at least 495 million people have unwittingly had the virus and have recovered quickly from it without incident and are immune to it, to getting it, to carrying it and to transmitting it. That's half-a-billion people!

That translates to 158 million people in the USA alone (with our 1.6 million reporting), "vaccinated" already! With those types of natural inoculation numbers who needs a vaccine? Take reasonable precautions with the most vulnerable population, and move forward with courage because for every known case there are at least 99 simultaneous inoculations.

Hand sanitizing, yes; social distancing, yes; gloves, perhaps; masks?, no. Masks are ineffective for the general population and are a great deception. All experts know that most people should not wear masks.

There are at least 158 million Americans who absolutely don't need to take any precautions, and that number increases by 99 with every newly reported case of Covid-19 illness. Keep that in mind as the "number of cases" continues thereby to be grossly under-reported. The "reports" of every reported case are ignoring the 99 other unreported recovery cases.

President Donald Trump is right to refuse to wear the mask. Every American should refuse to wear it, in the name of health, intelligence and freedom from coercion.
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