Thursday, February 6, 2014

Traditional Latin Masses in Cuba

Click on the image for forty pictures of two current Traditional Latin Mass locations in Cuba!


Wishing we were there!

Someone from Una Voce should go ask Fidel Castro if he would like to attend that ever ancient extraordinary form of the Mass which he undoubtedly remembers from his youth! I know plenty of priests (even some of Cuban descent!) who would happily be his private chaplain.

Remember just two years ago that he asked Pope Benedict in person some questions about the changes in the Liturgy. It appears that even communists can get this right! It's just human nature to prefer what is more perfect.

The old wine is better than the new, says the Lord!

(Nemo bibens vetus, statim vult novum: dicit enim: Vetus melius est!)

33 At illi dixerunt ad eum: Quare discipuli Joannis jejunant frequenter, et obsecrationes faciunt, similiter et pharisæorum: tui autem edunt et bibunt?
34 Quibus ipse ait: Numquid potestis filios sponsi, dum cum illis est sponsus, facere jejunare?
35 Venient autem dies, cum ablatus fuerit ab illis sponsus: tunc jejunabunt in illis diebus.
36 Dicebat autem et similitudinem ad illos: Quia nemo commissuram a novo vestimento immittit in vestimentum vetus: alioquin et novum rumpit, et veteri non convenit commissura a novo.
37 Et nemo mittit vinum novum in utres veteres: alioquin rumpet vinum novum utres, et ipsum effundetur, et utres peribunt:
38 sed vinum novum in utres novos mittendum est, et utraque conservantur.
39 Et nemo bibens vetus, statim vult novum: dicit enim: Vetus melius est.

Communists too need Jesus Christ! (As Blessed Pope John Paul II declared during his Havana Mass with Fidel Castro in attendance over a decade ago).

On the threshold of the Year 2000, the teachings of Jesus maintain their full force. They are valid for all of you, dear brothers and sisters. In seeking the justice of the kingdom we cannot hesitate in the face of difficulties and misunderstandings. If the Master's call to justice, to service and to love is accepted as good news, then the heart is expanded, criteria are transformed and a culture of love and life is born. This is the great change which society needs and expects; and it can only come about if there is first a conversion of each individual heart, as a condition for the necessary changes in the structures of society. Homily of John Paul II, José Martí Plaza (Havana) Sunday, 25 January 1998


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